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⚘ Good News Bad News ⚘
Saturday, May 21, 2016 | 0 Comments

Hey guys I'm back here again. Its been awhile since my last post and i know that a lot of people have been waiting for me to continue my fanfic but unfortunately I'm not going to do it. It had been taking me like forever so I'm just going to say that there will be no part 3 :/... I'm sorry. Truly...

But hey I was wondering if I should make a blog of my life with some drama reviews and kpop news. I was thinking to change my template too but it might take awhile so I'm just going to save it next week since its going to be holiday soon. WOOT~!

Oh and i have been entering many competitions lately and this is one of the big events happened in my life ;). I've been selected with the others 23 students to join a camp to the Arctic. Were like one step closer to the expedition and even before that I've met a lot of great people in here.Unfortunately only 2 students will be chosen and everyone did their best.

 So this is a little bit of me creating a video which happen in the very last minute. 7 of us *schoolmates*  were chosen and we have to go to the camp in THAT DAY WE WERE FIRST INFORMED. Everyone prepared their videos, scripts and main points for debates and such but we were like whatttt... hahahahaha.. And it happened we got a midyear exam that day
so like i just slept 2-3 hours bcus its midyear exam!!.... Sad me.. Oh well here's for nothing!

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