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My Angel Is My Bodyguard [Fan Fiction] *Part 2
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Starring :

Lee Ki Kwang ( B2ST )
Min ( Miss A )
Yoon Doo Joon ( B2ST )


Lee Ki Kwang is a high-schooler and also the heir of the Park Lee Empire. He hates the fact that he is constantly being surrounded and protected by big burly bodyguards with no privacy at all. As a result, he tries to escape time and time again. His parents have no choice but to turn to their last resort - sending the kendo-skilled Cho Min Young undercover to protect him.


Chapter 2 :

“What?” Mrs. Lee exclaimed. “He tried to run away again?” She tapped her fingers impatiently on the table. Mrs. Lee is the President of Park Lee Empire and was Ki Kwang's mother. She had just heard news of the incident that happened earlier when her son tried to escape from the protection of the bodyguards she had assigned around him. Mrs. Lee frowned, her delicate forehead forming creases that were the only signs that gave away her age. She was a capable business woman, taking care of the family’s empire within Korea while President Lee was frequently overseas. She was confident and presented herself exceptionally well. 

The family’s wealthy status meant that they were constantly facing the threat from business rivals and the unlawful. To her, Ki Kwang was the gem, he would eventually become one of the wealthiest men in Asia, and she would not allow anything to happen to him before he got to the top. Unfortunately, Mrs. Lee had learnt that the hard way. Ki Kwang was targeted and kidnapped when he was a very young boy and though he returned unharmed, the ordeal had caused Mrs. Shin to take Ki Kwang’s safety very seriously and has since placed him under constant protection, much to her son’s protests. 

As Ki Kwang grew older, it made it extremely difficult for him to lead a normal life and have friends like other teenagers. Mrs. Lee even went as far as to employ bodyguards that are his own age to pretend to be his friends which made Ki Kwang extremely furious when he found out soon after. And now seeing that Ki Kwang has tried to escape once again made Mrs. Lee ponder of another possible way she can prevent Ki Kwang from causing any more trouble. Only one thing came to her mind…

“Let’s go.” Mrs. Lee commanded her secretary. 

- - - 

It was a small but extremely well-furnished space on the second floor of the shop house. There was a wooden sign on the wall that reads, “Cho's School of Martial Arts”. There were people practicing different combat sports on the boxing ring and other corners of the training area. 

“Mrs. Lee, the reason you came…”  Park Cho let his words trail off as he pondered about the reason that could make her come down to his training school personally for a favor. He was a man in his mid-30s who had an athletic build and was wearing a judogi (uniform).

“Mr. Lee, I need another one of your bodyguards. A young one.” Mrs. Lee replied coolly, as she observed the people training through the glass window inside Park Cho’s office.

“Is the previous few I’ve chosen not up to your standard?” Park Cho asks again. He had an ongoing business relationship with the Lee's
 for providing well-trained professionals for the family’s protection. 

“No. They’re good, too good, in fact. This time, I need someone,” Mrs. Lee pauses, trying to think of a suitable word, “obscure... someone unsuspecting. Your students all look too strong.” Mrs. Lee comments as she continues observing through the glass. “I need someone that my son will never suspect, like a girl.”

Park Cho walks over and stands beside Mrs. Lee, deep in thought. 

“A girl?” Park Cho seems hesitant. “There is only one girl in this school.” Park Cho proceeds to point a finger to his left without thinking about what will happen next. Mrs. Lee looks at the direction he is pointing at and sees two kendoka (swordsmen) fully dressed in their attire and helmets sparring with one another with their wooden training swords. One of the fighters is visibly smaller in build than the other, the build of a woman. However, she did not let her petite frame get in the way of battling her opponent. The warrior confidently tackled her bigger size counterpart and easily cornered him to his side. She delivered a final thrust to his throat, a dangerous and powerful act that only a highly-skilled or senior kendoka can perform. Mrs. Lee looked on in amazement. 

“That girl…” Park Cho explained, “is my daughter, Cho Min Young. She is 17, as is your son.” Mrs. Lee is clearly surprised at Park Cho’s words. This talented warrior is a female, all but 17, and the daughter of Park Cho?

Min stepped back and brought down her sword as a signal of an end of the fight. She took a bow at her opponent. One of the trainers motioned for her to go into her father’s office. Min hurries in as told and is surprised to see a wealthy-looking woman sitting opposite her father’s desk. She removes her helmet to reveal her youthful face. She greets both elders and took a bow.

“Mr. Cho, I must say, you really do have an outstanding warrior here. Which one who is also your daughter.” Mrs. Lee praised. Min smiled and blushed slightly. “Even so, as much as I want this girl on my side, I know you have your reservations in sending your daughter on the field. But rest assured this is no mission like any other.”

Min looks on confused as her father discussed business with the lady. She had seen her father discuss business many times but none of once was she part of the conversation. What is the meaning of this?
- - -

Ki Kwang was sprawled across his sofa, concentrating on his well known brand computer. His fingers won't stop moving around at the speed of light as he hits away on his keyboard. At times like this when the little amount of friends he has could go party and he could only stay at home because “it’s the safest”, his computer games were his only friends. 

Just then, his cell phone started to ring. Distracted, Ki Kwang mutters under his breath as he pauses his game unwillingly and answered his phone.

“Hello?” Ki Kwang asks. His expression turns even duller when he realizes who the caller was. “Yes, mother.” He sighed himself as his mother talks. Ki Kwang’s eyes widen all of a sudden as he tries to make sense of his mother’s words. “What? You’re taking away all my bodyguards?” He could not believe his ears. “So you mean, no more big burly men restricting me… ever?” Ki Kwang asked again. He slowly puts down the phone, deep in thought. He stares at his phone. After a long moment of pondering, Ki Kwang picks up his phone and dials again. “Hello, Omma?”, he pauses, “Gomawo…”. Ki Kwang still could not believe what just happened. This does not make sense. Does it mean he’s free now? Free forever? He leaned back on the head rest of the sofa and stared into space. He broke out a smile.


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