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My Angel Is My Bodyguard [Fan Fiction]
Saturday, May 28, 2011 | 8 Comments

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Starring :

Lee Ki Kwang ( B2ST )
Min ( Miss A )
Yoon Doo Joon ( B2ST )


Lee Ki Kwang is a high schooler and also the heir of the Lee Entertainment. He hates the fact that he is constantly being surrounded , protected and  followed by big burly bodyguards with no privacy at all. As a results, he tries to escape many times but failed. However , his parents worried if he got to escape one day. His parents have no choice but to turn to their last proposal , sending the professional kendo player , Min undercover to protect him.

Chapter 1 :

A black guy waits outside Kwang Soo High School as the school bell rings , signalling the end of the of another  school day. Five burly men dressed in black suits are standing at the entrance of the school compound , showing no signs of fatigue even though they have been standing under the hot sun for past few hours.

Students stream out the of the school gate steadily , some of them turning and staring at the men. One of the bodyguard is pacing amidst the crowd , seemingly looking for someone. He glances at his watch.

Lee Ki kwang squint his eyes against the bright sun light. He is standing before the tall sturdy brick wall surrounding Kwang Soo High School where he has been studying at for the past 4 years. Ki kwang throws his bag over the wall and stretches his arms and legs. He backs up a few steps. This is easy , he thought to himself confidently , smirking to himself. He has done it countless of times in the past. Ki kwang looks around to see if anyone is around. Seeing that the coast is clear , Ki kwang steps back and gets ready for the sprint. 

Taking a deep breath he dashes towards the wall and make a leap for the top. His hands cling onto the top and he winces a little as the rough gravel surface rubs against his skin. With another deep breath , he heaves himself and up on top and swiftly throws his body onto the other side. Ki kwang lands steadily on his feet. He brushes the dust off his pearly white uniform and picks up his bag.

Looking to the wall , he smirked to himself. Ki kwang turns to leave but stops at the sight in front him. Two of his bodyguards are approaching him speedily from the left. Ki kwang turns to the right and sees another two coming his way. He curses under his breath and runs as fast as he could away from them.

Kikwang ignores the strange looks passerby are giving him as he sprints down the streets with the four bodyguards behind him. After what he felt exhaustion of running , Ki kwang starts slowing. He knew he would not be able to outrun these men. They were military trained agents employed by his parents to protect him around the hours and protecting the only heir of the Lee Entertainment was their only mission. Ki Kwang frowns in frustration. He knows his legs are gonna to give away soon. His lung fell like they are on the verge of exploding and his vision is getting starry. Damn it , why i hadn't joined the track and field club?, thought Ki Kwang. He fully regret it.

Ki Kwang turns a corner and and continues to turn back and look at his pursuers. Without his enlightenment , there was a girl walking the same direction with him. Inadvertently,they crash together as he was trying to escape from his bodyguards. The accident really was the last for Ki Kwang. He was so exhausted from the chasing scene so that he tried to catch a deep breath. he girl who he bump into sit up and rubs her sore hands.

''Yah , don't you ever look where you are going ?!'' She screamed at him. Ki Kwang , still catching his breath , opens his eyes and looks at her. He was about to say something when he see the four bodyguards appear in front of them , with little signs of exhaustion.

''Geez!!'' Ki Kwang said as the bodyguards helped him up and brought him away. He turns and glares at he girl. ''You!, if it was not for this stupid girl , i would have been able to get away!''.

''What?! You din't even apologize!'' The girl thought. The girl looks on as the four men takes the hot tempered man away. Min stands up and collects back her books. She slung her kendo wooden shinai ( sword ) over her shoulders and walks slowly to side of road. She turns and sees the four men and the hot tempered guy get into a black car in the distance.
Min watches as the car slowly pass her. Through the slightly tinted window. She could see the guy glaring at her as she stares back at him.