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Taemin Being Bullied in School

P.S : its an old story but i would like to share it and i was really shocked as i knew it.What happened???  Lets find out

Rumors about SHINee‘s youngest member Taemin being bullied in his school (ChungDam High School) is all over the internet. What’s worse, there have been accounts and even photos to support this.  Poor maknae. Shouldn’t the school authorities do something about this serious issue?
Here’s the story of a girl who exposed her bullying and stalking on her diary:
..Today was rainy, so I was going to give up seeing Lee Taemin, but then the Taemin spy came in and told me “Noona, in 9 minutes, Taemin’s leaving” or something like that… So I ran like fire but it’s raining like crazy… But Lee Taemin has an umbrella. He also had a beanie in his other hand so my friend stuck to him and started talking to him when I was just taking pictures. Just then as he went to the gym he almost fell.. I was laughing so I couldn’t take the picture then he went to the teacher’s office. I followed him in then the homeroom teacher said “Did you come just now?”. Taeminlooked kind of disappointed and misunderstood and said “No, I came at period 1.” Then the teacher goes into the Principle’s office with Taemin. Whatever/ So I prepared my continuous 9 shot camera. Just then Lee Taemin came out in his beanie. He looked at the mirror before he left ㅠㅠ…

Another entry from the girl’s diary:
After Japanese class, I asked my friend if we should follow TaeMin again. So we were waiting outside the gym and then this kid who looked like him appeared, we went up and it wasn’t him so we scolded him ****. Then he came down, his height was obviously much taller than that kid before. We went up and stuck ourselves next to him
Me: Taemin ah, when is Jong Hyun doing his birthday party?
: …
Me: Jong Hyun is not having a birthday party?
: …
My friend: Taemin ah, do you want to date noona? Why don’t you hold noona’s hand? Do you hate noona’s hand so much? You hurt noona’s heart, I’m going to scold you **** for not answering me if Jong Hyun is having his birthday party

The girl’s harrasment went on for about 3 weeks and although she had apologized already, still I’m pretty sure Taemin suffered a lot of emotional distress in her hands.
Here’s another article from Tellzone courtesy of bea_chan22
I’m a guy in my 3rd year of high school and this isn’t a lie. My friend at ChungDam high school told me it wasn’t up until physical group harassment.
But when he comes to school nearly 100 students cover his way and won’t let him pass and take pictures and stuff. When he tried to pass some say stuff like “you think you’re so big ’cause you’re a celebrity’ or ‘he’s not as tall as I imagined’ or ‘he’s not that handsome’ and a lot of other stuff.
And there’s another story everyone at the high school knows about the a time he was listening to classes and he ate lunch at the teacher’s lounge. So some delinquents from 2nd grade came and waited during lunch and when he came back and sat at his desk with his head down, they kicked his desk and said stuff like “hey, do we look like idiots to you? Do you think you’re so big because you’re a celebrity? **** Hey put your head up.” and etc. They throw erasers at him and swear at him and stuff. This is pretty well known around the school. Some other delinquents 3 girls keep following him and take pictures and annoy him. They keep following him and trying to hold his hand and stuff.
Netizens reacted to this harassment and a lot pitied Taemin.
  • “Crazy. These are crazy people”
  • “Poor TaeMin, people should understand that he is attending school as an entertainer too”
  • “WTH, there is no one onlooking to stop these?”
  • “After reading this, I feel like going to ChungDam to help him now, poor kid”
  • “I hope that there is not misundertanding that this is all the doings of Shawols. We are not like this ㅠ.ㅠ”
  • “Normally aren’t entertainers in school like glamorous? Poor TaeMin”
  • “Those ChungDam high b*tches”
  • “No wonder he looked like he aged 2 years recently, so he has been going through all these in school”
If I were the principal, I’d punish those stupid kids so badly they’d be afraid to step on school again. Seriously, just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean they can just harass him like that. Of course he won’t fight back or else risk having his reputation tarnished. And those kids know this that’s why they can make fun of him anytime and anywhere they want. Poor Taemin.
Credit: sookyeong@wordpress (Kbites)

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